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About Five Sandoval


For over 50 years, Five Sandoval Indian Pueblos, Inc. (Five Sandoval) has enhanced the lives of its five Pueblo tribal members of Cochiti, Jemez,  Sandia, Santa Ana and Zia and its surrounding tribal and non-tribal communities through the important and longstanding services we provide.  We do this by sustaining and evolving our services and programs by offering invaluable employment, education, human and health services. We are proud to be a primary resource to our communities and are committed to partnering with both, tribal and non-tribal entities to maximize the opportunities for the people we serve.



To strengthen and enhance the lives of our member tribes and the surrounding communities by providing an array of   employment, education, health and human services which value tribal sovereignty, traditional culture and community integrity. 



We envision a healthy and flourishing community of individuals and families in Sandoval County and its surrounding areas.


Five Sandoval Indian Pueblos, Inc. was founded in 1967 and incorporated in 1973 to address the social needs of its Pueblo tribes in Sandoval County by providing professional services to assist and enhance their lives.  Five Sandoval is one of the oldest Native American non-profit organizations in New Mexico.  Throughout its history, the Governing Board of Pueblo Tribal Governors has been an essential component to the existence and success of Five Sandoval.  The Governing Board provides overall direction for Five Sandoval by meeting regularly to discuss issues that affect their long-standing Pueblo communities and provide direction and strategy together.  In conjunction with the Governing Board, leadership and members of Five Sandoval have established a strong foundation for collaboration, community integrity and meaningful services for their communities.  

Five Sandoval has evolved over its 50-year existence, adding several programs and services for employment, education, health and human services. Each year, Five Sandoval reviews the needs for our ever growing Native American population in the Sandoval County area and seeks funding to offer more services to address these needs. Though we continue to evolve, we remain true to our mission to provide a safe, supportive environment for our Pueblo tribal members and surrounding communities.  The central offices of Five Sandoval began in the Pueblo of Santa Ana.  Recently in 2015, our central offices were relocated to our present home in Rio Rancho, NM.  

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