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Head Start

Invested in the needs of children and their families in an educational and community setting

by providing high quality comprehensive early childhood education services.


Every Child Deserves
Investing in Future Generations
LaVonne Cate, Director

The Five Sandoval Head Start Program aims to strengthen the development of children from ages 3 to 5 through a comprehensive approach.  We nurture the development of each child and their family with important focus on developing their strengths and needs.  We strive to empower  and enhance our children to become independent and self-confident, as well as be inquisitive learners by supporting them with effective educational, social, nutritional and health related services.

What We Offer Our Childen

  • A safe and supportive environment

  • Encouragement and development of creativity

  • Nurturing and building of a positive self-esteem 

  • A holisic approach to learning through play

  • Age-appropriate, culturally sound and educationally enriching activites  

  • Nutritious breakfast and lunch

What We Offer Our Parents

  • Preschool at no cost

  • Regular activity involvement opportunities

  • Parent committee membership

  • Policy council leadership

What We Offer Our Communities

  • Collaboration efforts with community partnerships

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