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Empowers youth and adult workers through education, employment resources, training

and other supportive services for career development and success.

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The Five Sandoval Employment and Training Program offers youth and adults the opportunity to develop educational and career success through employment and other supportive services.  The program stems from the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), which is a federal employment workforce preparation and employment system designed to meet the needs of job seekers, those who want to further their careers and our nation's businesses.

Services for Youth (Summer Youth Employment Program)

We assist youth (ages 14-21)  with career and educational opportunities in the following ways:

  • Financial assistance with educational fees after high school

  • Temporary employment to attain work experience and hands-on training

Services for Adults (Work Experience/Classroom Training)

We assist adults (ages 21+) with career and educational opportunities in the following ways:

  • Financial assistance with college, technical or vocational education

  • Temporary employment to attain work experience and training

  • Support services

One-Stop Services For You

We assist individuals with the following career preparation services:

  • Career counseling and referrals

  • Testing and assessments

  • Career exploration and job development

  • World of Work orientation

  • Job  search and placement

  • Resume writing, interview techniques and other workshops

  • Access to job resources, such as information about local education and training service providers



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