Foods Offered

Each month, participating households receive a food package to help them maintain a nutritionally balanced diet.  

Select From Over 70 Products

  • Frozen ground beef, beef roast, pork chops and chicken

  • Canned meats, poultry and fish

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables

  • Canned fruits and vegetables

  • Canned soups and spaghetti sauce

  • Macaroni and cheese, pasta, cereal, rice and other grains

  • Cheese and egg mix

  • Ultra high temperature (UHT) fluid lowfat milk, nonfat dry milk and skim evaporated milk

  • Flour, cornmeal, lowfat bakery mix and reduced sodium crackers

  • Lowfat refried beans, dried beans, canned beans and dehydrated potatoes

  • Bottled juice and dried fruit

  • Peanuts, peanut butter and fruit/nut mix

  • Vegetable oil, light buttery spread and butter


Recipes & Preparation Tips

We offer recipes and preparation tips to help you make nutritous use of the USDA foods.  Nutrition and proper storage information are also provided.  



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