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About Us

Every Child Deserves a Head  Start
Investing in Future Generations
LaVonne Cate, Director

Our Mission

To deliver high quality comprehensive early childhood services that focus on the needs of the child and family in an educational and community setting.  We are committed in partnering with others to strengthen and empower families and their communities, in which uniqueness and culture are honored.  

Vision Statement

We envision healthy people, sustainable communities and vibrant cultures.

Core Values





Our Philosophy

Five Sandoval Head Start Early Learning Program operates with a philosophy of service to children, parents and our community.

Our Educational Perspective

We believe that each child is a unique and marvelous human being who comes with his/her own individuality, learning style, strengths, interests and needs.  As such, he or she requires our respect, attention, concern and the best individualized educational experience we can offer in a group or individual setting.

Because we believe that children learn through play, it is important that their play environment is designed for a safe and healthy learning experience with caring adults. Our staff is commiitted to providing developmentally appropriate  educational opportunities for each child every day.  

We believe that our children need the following in Head Start to be most prepared for school later on:

  • Responsive adults

  • Caring and continuous relationships and communications

  • A sense of security

  • An opportunity to develop trust

  • A nurture-promoting environment


Educational Development

We will promote an educational environment that focuses on the following areas of learning:

  • Language Development

  • Literacy

  • Mathematics

  • Science Creative Arts

  • Social & Emotional Skills

  • Different Learning Approaches

  • Health & Development


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